Through a € 11000 payday loan, borrowers can afford a variety of purchases, which are usually not available through the regular income. Further illustration at

How to compare correctly!

Currently, various banks offer a small loan of this size without a predefined earmarking commitment with different maturities such as 48 months. For the future borrower, however, the questions arise as to which offer is the most suitable for him personally and which terms the respective loan agreement contains. The Camibank demands a monthly repayment of € 249.39 for a € 11000 loan.

The interest rate is fixed only when a loan agreement on a 11000 euro payday loan status has come, however, it moves in the current offer between 4.29 percent and 10.99 percent. This interest rate depends on a detailed examination of the creditworthiness of the applicant. Additionally, the interest rate can be lowered by taking a second borrower. The Camibank does not require any earmarking for the loan.

The bank requires a monthly repayment of € 249.68 with a maturity of 48 months for a € 11000 loan. Here, the dependent on the creditworthiness of the individual interest rate varies between 4.35 percent and 10.90 percent. Also with this offer the interest rate can be lowered by the admission of a second borrower in favor of the applicant. At Camibank, the acceptance rate of the loan request is around 90 percent. Compared to the bank is about 40% higher with its average acceptance rate. The debtor can freely determine the purpose of the loan.

Credit Europe Bank, with a credit-based interest rate of between 4.40 percent and 11.95 percent, requires a monthly installment of € 249.92 for the full repayment term of 48 months. The 11000 euro payday loan is, as with both other offers, not provided with a negative private credit entry. The processing fee is 0 percent. For example, the total loan amount at an interest rate of 4.41 percent is 12,809.44 euros. Again, the bank has no indication of the purpose of the loan to be made. The loan is freely available to the borrower.

Important conditions for taking a small loan

Important conditions for taking a small loan

Anyone wishing to apply for a loan in the Federal Republic of Germany must be at least 18 years old. In addition, the potential borrower must be able to prove a residence in Germany. As a rule, proof of this is the presentation of a valid identity card. Anyone who already has a negative badge entry before applying for a loan must expect a cancellation from the bank. A negative private credit entry must not exist.

Another prerequisite is the proof of a fixed employment relationship, which is outside the usual probationary period. Anyone who has a fixed-term contract significantly reduces his or her chance of a small loan, as the bank usually does not have enough collateral in the form of a permanently regulated income.

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