More and more consumers look at the taking of a loan across national borders and use offers from abroad. And not just because they would not get credit in Germany. Rather, it is here the favorable conditions and the underlying security that lead to this step. So also with small loans from Switzerland. A critique at

Cheap microcredit from Switzerland – the advantages

Cheap microcredit from Switzerland - the advantages

Switzerland has always been an almost impregnable fortress in terms of financial security in the money business, is well known. The Swiss banks store their money so that outsiders have no access to it. In addition, they offer attractive interest rates, which is certainly another advantage when it comes to a loan from the Alps.

But a cheap microcredit from Switzerland has even more to offer than a crisis-proof bank, which stands behind it. With such a credit, the private credit can not be queried. private creditdaten are only accessible to institutions and traders who are active in Germany. Foreign companies have no access to it and therefore can not check whether the applicant has a negative private credit entry. But what sounds like an advantage, also calls for more collateral. Because even in Switzerland you give away no money. And the confederates are very meticulous and look exactly who they lend money.

Thus, a basic requirement for a favorable microcredit from Switzerland is a permanent position. Non-permanent jobs, temporary employment contracts or self-employment are not included. The income from the permanent employment must be so high that this is above the attachment exemption limit. If the borrower can no longer pay his installments, the Swiss bank will resort to this and make a garnishment.

It is also particularly recommended if the borrower has reached a certain age. You Swiss are very critical when an 18 year old asks for a loan. It is better if you are at least in your mid 20s. This promises life experience and a certain amount of routine in dealing with money. If you have reached the minimum age and can prove the desired income, then you can hope for a loan from Switzerland.

Possible loans between 1,000 and 5,000 euros. A purpose of use does not necessarily have to be specified. Nevertheless, this could strengthen the trust of the bank in the customer. So you should not lock yourself against it. After approval, the loan will be transferred to a specified account within a few days and can be used.

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