As banks scrutinize the budding borrower very closely, there are some requirements that must be met. Thus, the applicant must be of legal age to be able to conclude a legally effective contract (§ 104 BGB). for a critique

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Otherwise, the application must be signed by the parent or guardian. There are also credit institutions in the market that also set an upper age limit. This is often between 65 and 70 years. The pivotal point in the awarding of a loan is the creditworthiness. This is sufficient if the customer is able to service the future loan installments. To assess the economic creditworthiness, the work situation is examined. Thus, the salary of the prospect must be sufficient to be able to pay not only the cost of living but also the credit obligations.

In order for this condition to be maintained in the future, the prospect of long-term employment is decisive. Accordingly, the loan seeker must have an indefinite employment contract. The wage amount must be proven by means of two pay slips. The subjective creditworthiness is also to be fulfilled. The bank makes use of the private credit for their assessment.

All payment errors of the last three years are recorded in the files of the economic information office. Negative notes result in a negative credit decision. Permanent residence also plays an important role in the examination process. This must be as well as the account connection in Germany. Even over the self-employed, the financial institutions have opened more and more.

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If these conditions are fulfilled, the 9000 Euro credit can be requested through the Camibank. The bank requires a credit-based interest rate between 4.29% and 9.99%. If funding is to be extended over a 48-month period, the loan would ideally run at a monthly rate of € 158.71. Consumers can also borrow credit sums of up to 50,000 euros through this financial institution. The funding period can be set to a maximum of 84 months. Unscheduled repayments are possible taking into account a 6-month vesting period. Additional processing or account maintenance fees, the credit provider does not ask for a 9000 euro loan.

Alternatively, the 9000 Euro loan can also be applied for through the loan broker Loan requests up to 200,000 euros are forwarded to partner banks. Interest rates range between 4.35% and 10.90%. If the loan is claimed for a period of 48 months, a monthly loan of 158.89 euros is to be paid if the credit is appropriate. Other costs, such as processing or account maintenance fees, are not charged in connection with the 9000 Euro loan. Unscheduled repayments are possible for the first time 6 months after receipt of the loan amount.

The Europe Creditors Bank also advertises with a 9000 euro credit for the favor of consumers. If a term of 48 months is desired, a monthly credit transfer of 159,04 euros has to be transferred. This offer is based on an interest rate of 4.40%. However, if the credit rating is poor, the annual effective interest rate can also be up to 11.95%. The same interest conditions also apply to loan amounts of a maximum of 50,000 euros. Even longer terms, a maximum of 84 months are compatible, have no effect on the amount of interest. No further processing or account maintenance fees will be added to the recurring loan installments. Special repayments can be made 6 months after the completion of the 9000 Euro loan. In order to protect themselves in the event of incapacity for work or unemployment from financial bottlenecks or even insolvency, all credit providers also offer the conclusion of a residual debt insurance.

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